We are now launching the next sizes in the new generation of our already award-winning HERU energy recovery units. By listening carefully to our customers’ wishes, we have developed an air handling unit series that contains extensive improvements in terms of user-friendliness, sustainability and technology. Below a selection of improvements:

• All-new control system with touch display.
• Ability to control/monitor HERU® via an app, no extra accessories needed.
• Improved rotor operation through V-belt drive.
• New, more energy-efficient rotor motor.
• Improved ability to reduce weight at installation through simple removal of door, rotary wheel cassette and fan kit.
• Duct connections with fixed rubber seals for easier mounting/removing.
• Greater distance between duct connections for easier installation and mounting of silencer.
• Reduced nr. of spare parts due to shared components between the units, such as rotary wheel cassette and fan kit.
• Improved condensation protection of electronics.
• New and uniform design.
• Cable harness with improved cable routing and removable sensors for easier service.
• Labelling of cables for easier installation.
• Common contact for control and power between cable harness and fan kit.
• Simplified service and maintenance.
• Standardized Torx T25 screws for easier service and maintenance.
• Simplified electrical connection for permanent installation

HERU IQ Next Generation Air Handling Units are launched according to the following schedule:

HERU 100 S/T EC for living space 80-165 sqm / Sales Start W31 / Delivery Start W37
HERU 160 S/T EC for living space 140-289 sqm / Sales Start W47 / Delivery Start W02 2020
HERU 200 S/T EC for living space 240-340 sqm / Sales Start W21 / Delivery Start W26 2020
HERU 300 S/T EC for living space 300-450 sqm / Sales Start W21 / Delivery Start W26 2020

Please contact our sales staff for further information and inquiries

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