Quality & Environmental Policy

“Right quality and environmental considerations in everything we do”

H. Östberg AB manufactures and sells fans and air handling units for an improved indoor climate. Our mission also includes developing products that are energy efficient, in order to support a long-term sustainable environment development.

In our business, we work with clear goals that aim to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We are constantly developing our operations to offer the market innovative quality products, technical skills and high service. Through long experience, high flexibility and well-established routines throughout the entire processing chain, we can maintain high delivery reliability.

Customer focus, dedication and competence of every employee is the foundation of our business. All employees are given the opportunity to develop at work and take responsibility for sustainability as well as good quality in our products and services.

The basis for our quality and environmental work is the current legislation, other binding requirements and the Swedish Parliament´s agreed action programs for environmental work in the EU.


  • H. Östberg AB will always meet the customers’ high demands, needs and expectations by delivering high quality products and services always, and with the customer in focus always. The customer will experience H. Östberg as a solution-oriented partner.
  • All employees are expected to actively contribute to our pursuit of first-class quality. To constantly achieve this, everyone must be open to change, have a holistic view and a long-term perspective on the business, as well as use the facts to take appropriate action.
  • We will comply with laws, regulations and binding requirements regarding the products and operations.
  • Our internal processes will be constantly improved by structurally working on the goal of further developing and refining our customer offering.
  • To protect our environment, environmental considerations and environmental aspects should be integrated into all decision making regarding our business as far as possible.
  • Environmental considerations should be taken in the procurement of goods and services, in the management of our resources and in the disposal of residues.
  • Our employees must have relevant knowledge and understanding of environmental aspects of the business, and thus the conditions for contributing to ecologically sustainable development.
  • We will actively cooperate with industry and society for increased environmental protection and promote sustainable development.